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October 1, 2015




Dear Parents and Guardians,




I hope this letter finds you all well.  Once again, we are gearing up for what will prove to be a great time of excitement and reflection for students and staff here at OFRS.  Join us as we promote consideration and respect throughout our school with this year’s theme “Colorful Emotions from the Inside Out”!  Yes…we got this idea from the popular Disney movie, Inside Out and wanted to capture our student’s attention and enthusiasm by using this as a platform for classroom lessons and activities.




The first full week of October has been designated by the State of NJ as the Week of Respect, along with the third week of October which is NJ School Violence Awareness Week.  Please take note of some of the activities that students will enjoy this month and throughout the entire school year:


  • Our 2015 theme will encourage students to be kind and considerate to their peers and the adults in their lives.  Students will be able to identify their own feelings, as well as see someone else’s ‘point of view.’  This supports children’s ability to problem-solve, build positive relationships, and resolve conflict.  I am looking forward to seeing all students this month during health class.  Please check out our “Colorful Emotions from the Inside Out” bulletin board as you enter our school!
  • Special areas teachers will also infuse and reinforce concepts of promoting character and kindness during specials times.
  • PTA sponsored assembly on 10/8 called “Yes I Can!”  Please visit this link for more details:
  •  Spirit Day:  October 9th:  wear something “inside out” to show that good character comes from the inside!
  • We would like to thank the generosity of the Washington Township Municipal Allliance, the OFRS PTA, and our parent and teacher volunteers for making this a special time of month and an integral part of the culture and community at OFRS. 




It is a pleasure and a privilege to work with your children each and every day.  Please see my website at for further information.  Also feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at 876.3865 ext. 3. 




Best regards,


Jana Rojas, School Counselor