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 Reading is an Adventure



📚 Welcome Back! 😃


I am Mrs. Kerpez, your Library-Technology teacher

at OFRS! I look forward to seeing you!





OFRS Back-to-School Night 

Related Arts: Library, Art, Gym, Music & Spanish 

Meet the Related Arts teachers in the gym from

5:30-6:00 p.m. on Thurs., Sept. 21, 2023 




Dear Students and Parents,


Welcome back! I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing summer! I look forward to a positive year of learning with your children and I am excited to get library books back in your children's hands! 



For grade level library and technology recommendations, please click your child's grade level page in the navigation bar to the left, or see below. 




Parents, if you have any questions or concerns,


 please feel free to email me at [email protected] 


 or call me at school at (908) 876-3865, ext. 4141


Thank you! 








A Brief Biography of Mrs. Kerpez


This is my 18th year as the School Librarian/Technology teacher at Old Farmers Road School! I have 2 grown adult daughters, Kate and Jessica, who are very close sisters! ❤️ Kate has two pet rats named Carrot and Lucy, and Jessica has a cat named Boba. I love cats! I have a Maine Coon cat named, Princess Fluffy Pants. I know, that is a funny name! I call her "Fluffy," for short. 😄 My daughter, Kate, lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland, and my daugher, Jessica, is a doctor and is doing her residency program in Denver, Colorado. I also love to read and stay active with friends, riding my bicycle and hiking. Do you have any pets? What are some of your favorite books to read? What are your interests? Please share them with me in library!




 Books with teacup   Love, Mrs. Kerpez  Books with hearts








To access a listing of our district paid and other free educational websites, such as BrainPopPebbleGo and Scholastic BookFlix, etc. please click the Destiny Library Catalog link in the navigation bar on the left, click on "Old Farmers Road School Library" and then "Home" page.


Grades K-1 ..Please read for 15 minutes each day, or more, with a parent, sibling or

                         relative and/or practice reading aloud to a family member or pet.

                         Please practice your keyboarding and typing skills using Typing Club or

                         ABCya's programs. Try to keep all 10 fingers on the home row keys!



Grades 3-5 ...Please read for 30 minutes each day, or more. Many of you picked up the

                         free books and chapter books from the red wagons, when you came in,

                         and hope you enjoy them! When finished reading them, please put them

                         in your backpack. Please practice your keyboarding and typing skills using

                         Typing Club or ABCya's programs. Remember to keep all 10 fingers on

                         the home row keys! 



Grades 3-5 ...Please remember you can use WebPath Express in Destiny Library

                          Catalog (click Catalog tab) to search safe, reliable, grade

                          leveled websites to help you with your homework or to use for your 

                          personal research interests!




Books with hearts