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Pearson SuccessNet


Welcome to our new online resource for our LAL text book. Please visit this site as frequently as you'd like as there are many helpful hints and tools, as well as all of the stories from the textbook. You may also access any homework assignments and will find helpful tools for all of the stories.


You may log on the Pearson SuccessNet website as often as you'd like. Each student recorded their own personal username and passwords in their assignment books. They were also given a handout to take home that gave the parents an overview of the website and also provided the students user name and password. If your child's username or password has been misplaced you can email or call me anytime and I can send it to you. To login on please click on the link below.|&NodeID=337


If you'd like a preview of how to navigate the site please click the link below to watch the student tutorial.


If you ever have a problem accessing the website or have a question please do not hesitate to call or email me.