Mrs. Reeves's Third Grade Class




Specials Schedule:

Monday - Spanish

Tuesday - Performing Arts, Computers

Wednesday - Health, Library

Thursday - Gym

Friday - Gym, Art






Week of February 12:



This week, we are working through lesson 16.


Essential Question:  Why is it important to take care of our environment?

Target Vocabulary:  recycle, project, dripping, carton, complicated, global, rubbish, hardly, shade, pollution

Spelling Pattern:  air, ear, are

Vocabulary Strategy:  Context Clues

Comprehension Skills:  Story structure, monitor/clarify

Writing Focus:  Opinion






 Our class is beginning work on Topic 9: Fluently add and subtract within 1,000.

Students will learn to add and subtract using an expanded algorithm and the standard algorithm.  


Please continue to practice multiplication facts at home.



Social Studies


Tests will be given on the following dates:


Mrs. Reeves's Class - Monday, February 12

Mrs. Mallen's Class - Tuesday, February 13

Mrs. Cuevas and Mrs. Grimley's Class - Tuesday, February 13