Mrs. Reeves's Third Grade Class


(updated 5/19/17)




**Please be sure to check your child's grades on the Parent Portal frequently. You can also view the literacy test results on Think Central.




We will be working on Journeys lesson 25 next week.  The skills will not be assessed through the use of a formal assessment.


Essential Question:  Why do mountain climbers need to be well prepared?

Writing:  Fictional Narrative

Spelling:  suffixes -less and -ness

Vocabulary Strategies:  Analogies

Grammar:  Words that compare

Comprehension skills:  text and graphic features, main ideas and details



Our class is currently working on measurement topics.  Students are learning about units of mass, weight, and capacity.  Topic 16 covers data.  Students will learn to read and create line plots, pictographs, and bar graphs.


Monday:  Lesson 15-4

Tuesday: Lesson 15-5

Wednesday: Lesson 16-1

Thursday:  Lesson 16-2

Friday:  Lesson 16-3


Social Studies

We continue to discuss the concepts in Chapter 10: Cultures Around the World.  Students are learning how people express their cultures, holidays and traditions.