Mrs. Reeves's Third Grade Class




Specials Schedule:

Monday - Spanish

Tuesday - Performing Arts, Computers

Wednesday - Health, Library

Thursday - Gym

Friday - Gym, Art






Week of November 20:



Because of the short week, we will not begin a new lesson.  Time will be spent reviewing the following skills:



Vocabulary Strategy: Context clues

Comprehension Skill: Conclusions— use details to figure out ideas that the author doesn’t state

Comprehension Strategy: Infer/ predict—use clues to figure out more about the selection

Writing Focus: Opinion writing






We will begin topic 5 on Monday, November 27.  The topic covers multiplication and division fluency within 100.  You can preview or review the lessons at home with your child by watching the videos for each lesson.




Timed tests will be given on the following dates:


11/20  times 3

11/21  times 4

11/28  times 6

11/30  times 7

12/5  times 8



Social Studies

We are wrapping up our Native American studies.  Next week, we will begin to explore other areas of U.S. History starting with the four settlements:  Plymouth, Jamestown, Saint Augustin, and St. Louis.