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Mrs. Reeves's Third Grade Class




Specials Schedule:

Monday - Spanish

Tuesday - Performing Arts, Computers

Wednesday - Health, Library

Thursday - Gym

Friday - Gym, Art






Week of April 23:



This week, we are working through lesson 23.


Essential Question:  How can people communicate over long distances?

Target Vocabulary:  sincere, managed, loaded, loveliest, conversations, inspired, reunion, currently, pleasure, terror

Spelling Pattern:  changing the final y to i

Vocabulary Strategy:  suffixes er/est

Comprehension Skills: sequence, formal/informal language, analyze/evaluate

Writing Focus:  RACE

Grammar:  Possessive Nouns ---Students have a "cheat sheet" to study and use for the test on Friday.






We are now working in Topic 13:  Fraction equivalence and comparison. Students will use number lines, models, fractions strips, and multiplication to compare fractions.



Social Studies

 We have learned about consumers, producers, goods, services, and interdependence.  Next, we will talk about saving money and transportation of goods.