This year in math class, students will be receiving instruction in small groups during "Guided Math." In addition to meeting with the teacher, students will be involved in playing skill-reinforcing games with partners; utilizing the computer to complete Pearson enVision online assignments, play SumDog or First in Math, or work on Study Island activities; and working independently or with a partner on skills or problem-solving activities that relate to the current math topic.



Topic 1: Multipication & Division


Pumpkin Multiples

Monster Multiplication

Penguin Jump

Multiplication Grand Prix

Math Baseball

Math Facts Shootout

Fruit Splat

 Free Rice

Bonk the Mole

Knights of Math

Wade's Workout

 Dr Kai's Mixup


Multiplication Properties Basketball

Division Derby



Topic 2: Generate & Analyze Patterns

Number Cracker

Crack Hacker's Safe

Cyber Drums

Moon Rock Patterns

People Patterns

Pattern Quest

Pattern Quiz Game 

Stop That Creature!



Topic 3: Place Value

Number Sense

Place Value Pirates

Mystery Numbers

Number Forms Game

Compare Number Values

Place Value Hockey

Rounding Soccer



Topic 4: Addition and Subtraction 

Amazing Race

Grand Slam Math

Canoe Puppies

Speed Grid Subtraction


Mad Math Adding

Estimation Contraption



Topics 5 & 6: Multiplying by 1-Digit Numbers

Math Bingo



Topics 7 & 8: Multiplying by 2-Digit Numbers

Drag-n-Drop Math



Topics 9 & 10: Dividing by 1-Digit Divisors

Divide Pal



Topic 11: Fraction Equivalence & Ordering

Melvin's Make-a-Match

13 Ways to One-half

Equivalent Fractions Bingo

Fraction Fling

Ninja Multiples

Prime Number Ninja

Haunted Fractions

Fraction Scale



Topic 12: Adding & Subtracting Fractions

Add Fractions Speedway

Tony's Pizza Shop

 Feed Me Fractions

Fraction Fruit Shoot

Fraction Speedway





Topic 13: Fractions & Decimals

Puppy Chase

Fraction Decimal Percent Tiles

Hungry Puppies

Railroad Repair

Comparing Decimals 

Fruit Splat


Topic 14: Measurement Units & Conversions

Measurement Workshop

Sal's Sub Shop



Topic 15: Solving Measurement Problems

Airlines Builder

Can You Fill It?

Telling Time

Counting Money

Party Designer




Topic 16: Lines, Angles, & Shapes

Star Gazing

Tangram Game

Measuring Angles

Treefrog Treasure

Rainbow Mechanic

Alien Angles



24 Game

(a fun math card game that reinforces all computation skills) 

and here is the recording sheet


you can play on the computer:


If you would like to check for a solution to a set of cards, you can visit



Our class is also subscribed to the SUMDOG.COM website -

students may play games to reinforce their basic math skills here.

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(our school code is william_37)