UPDATED: 4/22/17 


Week of April 24, 2017


 We have started practicing for the 3rd grade play!  Students are doing a great job so far!  Please remember to have them study their lines.  If you are having any trouble with costumes, please let me know as soon as possible.



We will be completing Lesson 23 in Journeys this week.  We will read a fantasy story called, " The Journey of Oliver K. Woodman".  Oliver K. Woodman is a wooden figure on his way to visit someone.  Along the way, people help Oliver in some strange and amusing ways.  Comprehension quiz will be on Friday.

Our spelling list will focus on words with the suffixes -ful, -ly, and -er.  Spelling test will be on Friday.

In grammar, we will be learning about possessive nouns and pronouns.  THERE WILL BE NO GRAMMAR QUIZ THIS WEEK!  We will be taking some time out of ELA to complete online PARCC training so students are familiar with format.




We are beginning Topic 14 on area in which students will learn to find the area of rectangular and irregular shapes.  We will also continue reviewing perimeter so students can learn to differentiate between the two. 


*Please continue to study multiplication facts as we will continue to take quizzes on all facts a few times per week. We are working our way towards being able to complete 100 problems in 7 minutes.




We are working on completing Unit 10 "Water and Weather".  In this unit, students will learn about simple and compound machines and how we use them in our daily life.




*Please check Oncourse for your child's grades as tests are not usually sent home unless they need to be signed due to a lower grade.


*When tests are taken on ThinkCentral, you can log on as your child and view their tests online.





Email me with any questions or concerns: mmallen1@margateschools.org