UPDATED: 2/12/17 


Week of February 13, 2017 AND

February 20, 2017






*Complete Lesson 17 in Unit 4.  We will read "The Albertosaurus Mystery: Philip Currie's Hunt in the Badlands" which is informational text.  In the story, students will learn how scientists used fossils to answer an important question about how dinosaurs lived.  


*Our spelling list will focus on words with /j/ such as large and words with /s/ such as dance. 


*In grammar, students will be working on adjectives that compare using -er and -est.  A study guide and practice sheets will be sent home on Monday so students can review throughout the week.   

*Grammar quiz will be given NEXT Thursday 2/23/17.  


*Spelling test will be given THIS Thursday 2/16/17. There will be no spelling list the week of 2/20/17.  We will just review some previously learned skills. 


*Comprehension test will be THIS Thursday 2/16/17.  


*For the next few weeks, comprehension tests will be paper based as opposed to computer based so we can work hard on using the R.A.C.E. strategy to respond to reading. Paper based tests will allow students to better understand their mistakes and go back and add corrections.  Homework using the R.A.C.E. strategy will be coming this week so you can see how your child needs to respond to questions about reading.





*Be continuing Topic 9, "Understanding Fractions", in which students will learn that fractions are equal parts of a whole, they will be able to name fractions, and find fractions on a number line.  We will likely take the Topic 9 test NEXT Wednesday 2/22/17, unless we feel students need a bit more practice.  If so, we will hold off until Thursday or Friday.


*Our next chapter, Topic 10, is called "Fraction Comparison and Equivalence".  In this chapter, students will use models, number lines, and number sense to compare and order fractions. 


*Please continue to study multiplication facts as we will continue to take quizzes on all facts a few times per week. We are working our way towards being able to complete 100 problems in 7 minutes.




We are beginning Unit 4, "Ecosystems and Interactions".  Our lesson this week focuses on learning what ecosystems are and the many different ecosystems on Earth.   Students will complete a virtual lesson as well as some paper based activities.




*Please check Oncourse for your child's grades as tests are not usually sent home unless they need to be signed due to a lower grade.


*When tests are taken on ThinkCentral, you can log on as your child and view their tests online.





Email me with any questions or concerns: mmallen1@margateschools.org