Mrs. Cuevas
Third Grade
William H. Ross Elementary School
Margate City, NJ
2017-2018 school year

"Education is not a filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."



Connect to the Curriculum


Date Subject Chapter & Lessons Covered Materials Used            Comprehension skills and Strategies Upcoming Test or Project  



 Unit 3 Lesson 11 


 Journeys text, leveled readers, vocab, writing WB, readers WB, spelling notebook

Target Skills:

Weekly assessments in spelling, vocab, reading, grammar and phonics





 Pearson Topic 6 Area connected to  multiplication and addition

lessons 6 and topic review 

 Pearson Text, workbook, and website

Target Skills: Finding area of regular and irregular shapes


 Topic 6 1/5/18 



Unit 2 Forces

Lesson 3 What Are Forces That Act From a Distance? Create a magnetic maze in small groups.




McGraw Hill text,

teacher made picture study guide


 Target Skills:

Vocabulary: force, balanced forces, unbalanced forces, magnetic poles, magnetic field

Vocabulary cards,

Unit 2 test TBA 


1/2/18 Writing

Informational Writing- "I wouldn't want to do without the ...." students write about the invention they wouldn't want to do without and decribe at least three facts about it

 Journey's Common Core writing HB,

writer's notebook

 Target Skills:follow structure of main idea and supporting details,  


  Begin writer's notebook and rough draft  

 Lesson 11 

Journey's weekly list, spelling NB,Tic-Tac-Toe board

 Phonic pattern: vowel sound in joy 


weekly test on friday 1/5/18