Mrs. Cuevas
Second Grade
William H. Ross Elementary School
Margate City, NJ
2016-2017 school year

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Connect to the Curriculum


Date Subject Chapter & Lessons Covered Materials Used            Comprehension skills and Strategies Upcoming Test or Project  



 This week we are working on our individual realistic fiction storiesand taking the Journeys Unit 3 benchmark test 


 Journeys text, leveled readers, vocab, writing WB, readers WB, spelling notebook

Target Skills:

Target Strategies:

 Weekly assessments in vocab, reading, grammar and phonics on




 Pearson Topic 10 lessons 7-9 topic review and test  


 Pearson Text, workbook, and website

Target Skills:subtraction skills and working with equal groups


 Topic 10 test 2/9 



Unit 10 Energy and Magnets 




McGraw Hill text,

teacher made picture study guide


 Target Skills:Identify the three main forms of energy. Determine whether an object is attracted to a magnet. Describe properties of magnets. 

Unit 10 test TBA 


2/6/17 Writing

 Persuasive Paragraph

 Journey's Common Core writing HB,

writer's notebook

 Target Skills:Persuasive writing, providing reasons and examples


  Begin writer's notebook and rough draft of original story  
Spelling   none this week
Journey's weekly list, spelling NB,Tic-Tac-Toe board



weekly test