Congratulations to the 2014

Titan Volleyball Team!

& Thank you to everyone who tried-out for the team this week.  You are all volleyball players in our eyes!

Practice starts Monday, February 24th - 3:15-5:15

Please try to have knee pads for practice.

Our first scrimmage is on Friday, February 28th!




                  Varsity                                             Developmental Team       

               Lanie Chipkin                                                 Cat Agostini   

               Andrew Gallagher                                          John Bee

               Sam LaMonaca                                              Sara Canales

               Maryn McVeigh                                            Sean Drew

               Eddie Puerto-Ortiz                                       Chloe Dulac

               Sophia Ritzel                                                Sofia Graziano

               Issac Robertson                                            Sophia Gresham

               Joey Sacco                                                   Estephano Jirau-Curbelo

               Harry Dougherty                                          Christian Kuhn

               Tommy Rafter                                              Jake LaMonaca

                Megan Reeves                                             Cormac McKee

               Tanner Tomassi                                            Savannah Robertson

               Izzy Turner                                                Mackenzie Smith

                                                                                   Brian Walsh