Welcome to Mrs. Cruz's 7th Grade Math Class




I will strongly encourage you to create a parent account on the Eureka site: Greatminds.org   

  This site provides you with resources to help your child at home if needed. 


 What's happening in Mrs. Cruz's Class? 

Week 27

Monday: Module 4 Review

Tuesday: Module 4 Final (Online Eagle Test) 

Wedneday: We will begin Module 5 Probabilities

                    Lesson 1 & 3

Thursday: Module 5 Lesson 2

Friday: Module 5 Lesson 4 & 5


**I may be sending homework home this week. I will post to 

dojo if I do- but please keep your child accountable for their AM** 




Week 26

Monday-  Presidents Day

Tuesday- Lesson 7 & 8

Wednesday- Lesson 9

Thursday- Lesson 10 & 11 (and 16 if time allows)

Friday- Eagle Test over Lesson 7-16 ***Moved to Tuesday***


**I do not forsee any homework being sent home this week

please refer to dojo as I will post if I send something home**


AM was an issue this past 6 weeks. Students forgot how 

important it is to continue to use this program as a means of 

practicing. They will need to meet 30 objectives this 6 weeks, 

and a test average of 85% or higher. AM is a 150 pt grade that will

go in at the end of the 6 weeks. You can log into your child's account 

if you are interested in how they are doing as I have set their goals. 











 The things your child will need in order to have a successful year in 7th Grade Math are: 


  • Composition Notebook
  • Pencils (NO PENS)
  • 2 Pocket Folder 
  • 1 inch binder (Specifically for Math) 
  • Graph Paper
  • Highlighters (Optional)