1st Grade Fun!



Save the Dates

October 1-Mother Son Camp Out

October 12- No School

October 14- CCO Golf Outing

October 15-Hispanic Heritage Dinner

October 20-International Day

October 21-No School



We are so excited to be working in the 1st Grade. We are confident that all of our Fantastic First Graders are ready to read, count, and be great citizens.  It is goig to be a Wonderful Year full of Learning, Caring, Sharing and Fun!!


In ELA, students are shopping for books and filling their book baggies with leveled books. We are continuing to build our reading stamina. We started our learning centers which includes reviewing sight words, journal writing, guided reading and technology


In Math we are working hard on our second unit of subtraction with numbers 0-10. Zero the Hero visited our classroom for the 20th day of school. 


In Social Studies, we are dicussing our school and community. We talked about rules we have at home and in school. 


In Science, we are wrapping up our first investigation about sunflowers. We have written in our scientific journals detailing the materials we used, procudure of the investigation, and pictures that show the growth of their plant.