1st Grade Fun!


Upcoming Events

Feb. 14-Valentine's Day

Feb. 16-1/2 day noon dismissal

Feb. 17 AND 20- No School

Feb. 23- Elain's birthday

Feb. 25-CCOFamily Dance Party

March 3-Fashion Show

March 16-First Grade Class Dinner

Our Learning 

We are so excited to be working in the 1st Grade. We are confident that all of our Fantastic First Graders are ready to read, count, and be great citizens.  It is going to be a Wonderful Year full of Learning, Caring, Sharing and Fun!!


In ELA, students will prepare an excerpt of a book to read aloud and present their All About Books, to end our nonfiction units.


In Math, S=students completed Topic 5: Addition to 20 and will begin Topic 6: Subtraction to 20 after the vacation.


In Social Studies, we completed Chapter 3.  After reading about Ernest Shackleton, students identified main idea and details.