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Things are moving along so well around here!!!  People are reading and writing and getting better with their skills!!!


First Grade ELA: 


We are going to move into a poetry reading study.  We will talk about rhyming and rhythm in poems and we will learn how to read poems smoothly.  If you have any poetry books at home-this would be a good time to break them out!  Discuss observations that your children have.  Ask them lots of questions about the poems, and however they answer, make sure to ask them "why?".  It is important for them to learn how to have reasons for the things they believe.


In writing workshop, we finished persuasive writing and we have graded and sent home their work. This is the last performance assessment grade in writing and the students were very proud of thier work.  They had an opportunity to share their writing to see how persuasive they managed to be!  We were all really proud of their hard work and final products!

Now, we are doing our final unit, we are writing books.  The students are writing short chapter books and learning to make a table of contents to label the chapters.  You will see these books and many others coming home between now and the end of the year. 



Students have been doing an excellent job of bringing thier reading logs and books to school each day!  Parents have been really working hard to keep me informed about their reading at home, which is very important information for me!  So, thank you!!!



I am pushing into classroom as well as pulling students out to work on reading and writing skills.


2nd graders have their nightly homework.  Please make sure they are filling out the back of their reading logs too!

3rd-6th graders have homework that is due each Friday.  Please remind them!!!