5th Grade

In Science we will be working in Unit 11, "Earth's Oceans."


Science Vocabulary:

 salinity, water pressure, continental shelf, continental slope, abyssal plain, wave, current, tide, jetty, shore, intertidal zone, coral reefs, plankton


In Math we are working on the Step Up to 6th grade lessons: Ratios, Understanding Rates and Unit Rates, Equal Ratios and Proportions, Using Ratio Tables, Comparing Rates, Multiplying with Zeros in the Product, Greatest Common Factor, Using Expressions, Properties of Operations, and Surface Area.


Please have all Step Up Practice Pages completed.



6th Grade:

 In Science we started module G, "Space Science." We are working in Unit 2, "The Solar System."


Science Vocabulary:


solar system, parallax, heliocentric, geocentric, gravity, perihelion, plantesimal, orbit, centripetal force, aphelion, solar nebula, nuclear fusion, solar flare, sunspot, prominence, terrestrial planet, astronomical unit, gas giant, planetary ring, dwarf planet, comet, meteroid, Kuiper Belt, Oort cloud, Meteor, Kuiper Belt object, asteriod, meteorite


In Math we are working on Topic 18, "Volume and Surface Area." 


Math Vocabulary:





volume, polyhedron, faces, edge, vertex, cylinder, sphere, cone, prism, pyramid, net