Dear Parents:


I am excited for the new school year as STEM Teacher for Grades PreK-8;  it means I get to see all the students in the school and create wonderful hands-on projects together as we work through the engineering process.  I look forward to new adventures and learning experiences.


Please note:  your students will be working with the following themes to gain a better sense of the Engineering Design Process while having fun creating unique projects.


We started the year raising Monarch Butterflies.  All students were able to observe the life cycle from egg to caterpillar, to chrysallis, and the butterfly. These beautiful insects are endangered due to industrial agriculture, pesticides, etc. Raising them means more will survive, thereby, increasing their numbers.  We released a total of 27!  They are now on their amazing journey to Mexico where they will winter until the Spring when they return back north.


Upcoming projects:

PreK- Habitats

K and 1st Grade- Fairy Tales

2nd- Migration/Hibernation

3rd- Solar System

4th- Speedometry 

5th- Things that fly

6th- Structures (Bridges, Dams, Pyramids, etc.)

7th- Simple/Complex Machines 

8th- Amusement Park rides