Homework & Happenings


In order to ensure accuracy, be sure to check the assignment pad!

Specials teachers may also assign homework.

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Language Arts - None this week

The Reading Contract requires each student to read self-selected texts Monday through Thursday nights. The student will complete a log and have it signed by a parent.  The contract is due Friday.



Spelling - None this week

Monday -

Tuesday - 2 Sided Wkst (cursive)

Wednesday -

Thursday -

*Two self selected online activities completed by Friday.

**Test Friday



Homeroom Reminders: 


Library - Day 6


*Work folders are sent home on Fridays and are due Mondays. Please sign the envelope and make a comment (optional). The work inside remains at home.


** Quizzes/Tests are announced one week in advance. Make sure to review!


*** Remember that when you are out of class you must make up the classwork missed for homework.





Please check the assignment pad nightly for specifics.

Super Stars - studyisland.com(optional, but encouraged).

*Study multiplication/division facts nightly!