Homework is assigned Monday through Thursday and typically consists of 30 minutes of A.R. reading, a Math review, and an ELA assignment based on your child's nightly A.R. reading. 


Late homework will be accepted until Friday of each week with no penalty.


The best way for your child to have the most up-to-date homework assignment is for him or her to copy it down from the board each morning in his or her planner. This is part of your child's morning routine.











MEMORIZE your multiplication and division facts 0-12.  Use flashcards or online games to practice for 10 minutes every day. 






We are working in Chapters 1 and 2 in Science:  groups of plants, parts of a flower, fruits & seeds, life cycles of plants and animals, metamorphosis, and inherited vs. acquired traits of animals.



Social Studies


We will be completing Unit 1 of Social Studies this quarter: 

Lesson 1: Using Maps

Lesson 2: Florida's Physical and Cultural Geography

Lesson 3: Florida's Weather and Climate

Lesson 4: Early Native Americans of Florida




*Email us at:  alisonP@leeschools.net, janiceIS@leeschools.net  and amandaST@leeschools.net 

 *Contact us by phone: 574-3113 Ext. 254
*Caloosa Elementary's website is http://coe.leeschools.net


Classroom Expectations:
Prepared to Learn




Enthusiasm for Learning

Rewards: Class Dojo, class auctions, treats, sit with a friend, help a teacher, marble jar
 celebrations, happy notes/calls home, no homework coupon


1st Incident:  verbal warning, conference with student
2nd Incident:  Time out in classroom and note in planner; sit as an "island" for 24 hours
3rd Incident:  Time out in another classroom,  Infraction Form, parent phone call home, loss of Fun Friday
4th Incident:  Referral to Office