Miss Sgambati's Kindergarten Page


Our Mission - To ensure that each student achieves his or

her greatest potential

Our Vision - To be a School of Excellence


I believe that being positive does make a difference in the way we relate to others and the everyday sitituations that occur in our daily lives. PBS or Positive behavior support has been implemented at our school for some time now and I am pleased with the results the program has shown. My classroom has always been about choices and how our choices can impact ourselves or another in a postive or negative way. I like PBS because it aligns so well with what I have always done. I also like it because it continually teaches our expectations and positive behavior choices.

You might have remembered me talking to you about PBS the night of open house. Since there was plenty of information to absorb that evening, you may or may not be so familiar with the terms and approach to our school's  adopted program. 

I want to take the time to refresh the information that I touched upon that busy evening. So that I can help clear up any questions or concerns you may have about PBS. While also sharing with you how it has be a successful addition to our classroom.

What is PBS?
PBS or Positive Behavior Support has 3 main goals:
1. It is Proactive -  Prevention of inappropriate behaviors through the use of strategies and procedures
2. It is Educative - It teaches expections and appropriate behavior rather than assume student have prior knowelege of them.
3. It is Reinforcement Based - It utilizes rewards to reinforce ones appropriate choices and behaviors. PBS does not ignore inappropriate behavior, but by having a positive focus, the goal of this program is to decrease or deminish unwanted behaviors.  

PBS Is based on Five Key Expectations:

The Five Key Expectations are to be followed throughout our school.
Specific rules are designated in each of our school building and align with the Five Key Expectations listed above.
On The Stairs
Upon Entrance/Dismissal of School

These Five Key Expectations and Rules also apply in
our classroom and align with our classroom expection and rules.

RESPECT                      Listen to the teacher
SAFE                             Stay in your seat
LEARNER                    Raise you hand to speak    
TEAMWORK               Clean up your area
FRIENDSHIP               Be a good Friend




Our Kindergarten Learning Path



English Language Arts -  The bold print letter sounds are the new sounds we have learned.


m   t   a  s  p  c  i  n  r  d  k  f  o  h  l  g  e  j  w  x  u  v  z  y  qu sh wh 




Kindergarten Sight Words-  The bold print sight words are the new sight words we have learned. Please review the flashcards sent home for these words and practice them daily. Your child will be tested on 25 words each quarter in addition to the previous quarter's sight words. There are a total of 100 sight words this school year. 



the in my a is for I am here and at go it like be to  not  can 

you  are do did or will with all me of that he was his on as this they have from one had by but what were we when your down an come which she 





Handwriting- Lower Case Letters - 

m  t  a  s  p  c  i  b  n  r  d  k  f  o  h  l  g  e  j  w  x  u  y  v  z 




Upper Case Letters -

M  T  A  S  P  C  I  B  N  R  D   K  F  O  H  L G  E  J  W  X  U  Y  V  Z




English/Language Arts - 

Letter Identification 

Letter Sounds 

Initial Sounds 

Sight Words - Quarter One

Rhyming words 


Lowercase Handwriting

Sentence Writing  "I see" and "I like"  sentences 

Sentence Structure 

Story Elements - Author, Illustrator, Character, Setting, Plot 

Ending Sounds 

Compound Words 

Onset Rhime 

Blend CVC Words 

Counting Words in Sentence


Non-sense Words 

Write/Read a Simple Sentence 





Math - 

Number Identification 0-10 

Write Numbers 0-10  

Oral Counting to 100 

Comparing Numbers 0-9 

2D Shapes 

Counting on from a given number 

3D Shapes 

Addition 0-3 

Counting by 10's to 100 




Science - 



Pumpkins - Life Cycle

Compare and Contrast Apples and Pumpkins 

Observation of  Living and Non- Living Things 

Eating Healthy- Healthy Living Lab Visit 


The Day and Night Sky 

Push and Pull - Force and Motion 




Social Studies -

How do we get to school? 

What are rules for home and school? 

Comparing familes of today with those of the past. 

Sequential of order of events that have occurred at school. 




Kindergarten Supply List: 

1 Student Primary Planner ($5.00 - Sold only at our Caloosa School Store)
4 Boxes of Crayola 24 Count Crayons
1 Backpack - Large enough to fit a folder - No wheels 
1 Child sized Fiskars brand scissor 
24 Large Elmer's glue sticks

1 Packages of 24 Yellow # 2 Pencils

2 Pink Erasers

1 Package of Wide Ruled Notebook Paper

2 Black Marble Wide Ruled Composition Notebooks (no colored covers) 

2 Reams of White Copy Paper

2 Boxes of Tissues

1 Package of Wide Ruled Notebook Paper 

1 Package of  Thin Black Expo Dry Erase Makers 

1 Box of  Gallon Zip Lock Bags 

1 Box of Quart Zip Lock Bags 

2  1  1/2 Three Ring Binder (not needed for our class)

1  Zipper Pencil Pouch with 3 Holes (not needed for our class)

2 Wide Ruled Spiral Notebooks (not needed for our class) 

1 Box of plastic spoons 

1 Package of White Paper Plates Small or Large (no styrofoam) 





Miss Sgambati's Third Quarter Donation Wish List: 


Small White Paper Plates 


Thank you to all those who brought in their school supplies and donated extra items to our classroom.  



Donations of the following items are welcomed but not required. 

Thank you for supporting our learning!






Reminders and Information: 


School Office Hours - 7:00am - 3:30pm 


Sunrise Program - 6:45am - 7:35am - Before School Care - Fee Charged 


School Start Time - 7:55 am   Doors Open @ 7:30 am - Any child arriving prior to 7:20 am will be placed in the Sunrise Program. Parents will be
charged a fee for the program. Students will be marked tardy after the
7:55 am bell. Please be prompt. We have lots of learning to do. Instruction starts just after morning announcements at 8:10am. 


Breakfast Time - 7:35am -7:55am - If you child is eating our free school breakfast program they must go straight to the cafeteria upon their arrival. 


Dismissal Time - 2:10 pm 


Sunset Program - 2:10pm - 6:00pm - After School Care - Fee Charged 



Sign you child's planner dailly and write any transportation changes for your child in their planner. Any student without a written note will be sent home the way the went home the day before.


Our Lunch Time - 12:07pm-12:33pm

Caloosa Planners - Sign your child's planner daily. Any transportation changes must be written in your child's planner or faxed to 574-1449 prior to 1:30 pm.

Homework - 
Homework is assigned four nights a week and due the next day. Please review and sign your child's homework each night. Practice your sight words and phonograms daily. Random homework assignments will be graded. 



Birthdays - To help your child celebrate the special day, treats can be sent to school (Due to food allergies - Store bought cookies or store bought cupcakes only). We have 19 students and will enjoy your special treat with our lunch. Our lunch time is: 11:09am-11:35am 


Lunch and Breakfast Information:
Lunch - Free For All Students  
Breakfast - Free For All Students

Caloosa Store Information:
Primary Planners - $5.00
Caloosa T-Shirts - $10.00 -
Can be worn on Fridays with uniform bottoms (No jeans on Fridays) 
Caloosa Sweat Shirts - $12.00
Caloosa Sweat Pants - $12.00