Class Vision: We will learn to read!

Class Mission: We will learn our letters, sounds, and sight words so we can read!

We will treat each other with respect and have fun learning. 





Monday, January 15-  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (School is Closed) 


Thursday, January 18- Report Card Day



January sight words:



all, his, into

this, but, so

funny, went, get

not, run, now




 QTR 2 Sight Words: 


have, is, see, can


we, my, like, be


he, for, me, not


in, and, at, with


it, she, look


of, you, they




 Sight word review:


(right click and choose open in a new window if you are having trouble opening)




Students will join groups to add and tell addition stories.

Students will know how to write and solve addition problems.