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Class Vision: We will learn to read!

Class Mission: We will learn our letters, sounds, and sight words so we can read!

We will treat each other with respect and have fun learning. 



Friday, April 6-  Report Card Day

Thursday, April 12- Last day to turn in permission slips and money to attend field trip.

Thursday, April 19- Nature Park Field Trip

Sunday, April 22-  Earth Day

Friday, April 27-  Interim Report Day






March Sight Words

must, want, there


 saw, own, please, out


 make, good, new, so






February sight words:



 did, will, too


 no, say, down


ate, our, who


must, want, there





 QTR 2 Sight Words: 


have, is, see, can


we, my, like, be


he, for, me, not


in, and, at, with


it, she, look


of, you, they




 Sight word review:


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Students will seperate groups to compare and tell subtraction stories.

Students will know how to write and solve subtraction problems.

Students will learn numbers 11-20.