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Bio 1 use SuccessNet.

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Biology Topics:



Quarter 1: Brain, Cardiocasbular system, Immune Systen, Reproductive System, Microscopes, Food Webs, Tropic levels, Energy Transfer, Population Size, Carrying Capacity, 


Quarter 2: Macromolecules, Properties of Water, Cell Theory, Cells (Prokaryotes/Eukaryotes, Plant/Animals) Cell Cycle, DNA Replication


Quarter 3: Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration, Plant Organs and Tissues,  Mendels Laws


Quarter 4: Theory of Evolution, Natural Selection, Domains and Kingdoms, Origins of Life,Impact of Biotechnology, 


Supplies Needed Everyday:

2 Notebooks 

Writting Utensil (pencil or pen dark color only)




Colorpencils or colored pens (8 colors)



How to complete your vocabulary using frayer model boxes (click here) 



     There will usually be two homework assignments per week, occasionally more and sometimes less.  Assignments will always be posted on this web site the day they are assigned.  Assignments are due the next day . 

Late Work Policy: (PER DAY NOT CLASS)
 1 day late -10%
2 days late -20%
3 days late -30%
4 days late -40%
5 days late -50%
6 days late -60%
7 days late -70%
8 days late -80%
9 days late = -90%

     Assessments will be given every chapter .  These will all be posted on the calendar, ahead of time, plus there will be review during class.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. . Thank you


My Contact Information:


Phone (239)461-5322 ext. 1733

email: joshuace@leeschools.net



Exrtra Credit each Quarter!

Extra's that are greatly appreciated for the classroom (1 point extra per item for a max of 5 points)






pack of pencils or pens




printer paper, large blank paper


Glue sticks


Dry Erase Markers 


Post-it notes 


Loose leaf Paper 


Colored Pencils