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Welcome to Three Oaks Middle School!


My name is Ms. Morales and I am so excited to have a great year as your 6th grade Language Arts teacher! This year you are transitioning into middle school and that comes with a lot of new experiences. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you have.



My Contact Information:


Phone: (239) 267 - 5757 ext. 266



Students will work using Collections and USA Test Prep in the classroom. The curriculum provides enjoyable and relevant activities that allow students to develop the essential skills needed for success in college level work as well as in the workplace. The sixth grade curriculum incorporates appropriate rigor that challenges students by requiring them not only to apply concepts and skills, but also to explain the thinking behind the applications of knowledge.  In addition, many efforts will be made to integrate writing and reading strategies to better prepare students for the standardized tests in writing and reading.



Language Arts Grading Percentages:


Tests/Writing: 50%


Quizzes/Class work: 30%


Homework/Formative Assessment: 10%


Accelerated Reader: 10% *


*(5% based on average percent correct and 5% based on percentage of goal)