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Gateway Elementary School

13280 Griffin Drive

Fort Myers, FL 33913

Office:  (239) 768-3737

Fax:  (239) 768-2967

Principal:  Ms. Chris Siebenaler ("Ms. S")

Assistant Principal:  Ms. Silvia Torres



"Every child has a different learning style and pace.  

Each child is unique, not only capable of learning, but also capabe of succeeding."  ~Meehan



Welcome to our class site.  Working together as a team will ensure a successful school year for all involved.  Please know I am here if you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, etc.  I can be reached via email at or you can contact the school to leave a message at (239) 768-3737.  


If there is a change in dismissal for any reason, please contact the office BEFORE 2:40PM since this will be the fastest way to relay the information.  Although I won't have a chance to check email during instruction time, I will get back to you in a timely manner.  



Please note our school times:  8:55AM-3:10PM.  

Students may begin entering the building at 8:30AM.

If your child is having breakfast at school, they need to stop in the cafeteria and eat before they enter the classroom.  Eating breakfast is not permitted in the classroom.  

NOTE:  If a student is not inside the classroom when the 8:55AM bell rings, they will be sent to the office for a tardy pass before they are allowed to enter the room.  




*Homework will be assigned on a DAILY basis Monday through Thursday.

*Planners are to be signed DAILY (see next section for description of planner).

*Expect Language Arts and Math homework along with AR reading so your child is ready to test at school. 

*Reading an AR book at home will help your child to stay on track and reach his/her AR goal.  I will meet with your child weekly to discuss managing their time in order to meet their AR goal and assist with appropriate book selections.  Students can sign out AR appropriate books in the media center.  If you want to check if a book is on the AR list, feel free to visit where you can search the name of the book to determine reading level and number of points that could be earned if they pass the AR test.  Each week, I will let you know where your child stands on meeting his/her AR goal so be sure to check the planner.  



*The binder will be sent home daily with your child and needs to be brough back to school each day.  

*Please SIGN the planner DAILY including Friday as students are expected to read over the weekend. Feel free to write notes as needed in the planner and I will respond.  I will check for signatures and write in the planner when information needs to be communicated.  Students will fill in the color they earned at the end of the day that corresponds with their clip placement on the class behavior chart.  If there is an occuring behavior concern, I will contact you directly to discuss the matter and come to a resolution.  

*In the "Keep at Home" section of the binder, please empty out each night and leave at home.

*In the "Return to School" section of the binder, please complete the necessary forms and have your child place them back in the binder and bring back to school the next day.  



The Leader in Me is a program designed by Stephen R. Covey which helps students to be more effective, goal oriented, and successful leaders.  We will discuss in depth the 7 Habits of Happy Kids.

*Habit 1:  Be Proactive (You're in charge)

*Habit 2:  Begin with the End in Mind (Have a plan)

*Habit 3:  Put First Things First (Work First, Then Play)

*Habit 4:  Think Win-Win (Everyone Can Win)

*Habit 5:  Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood (Listen Before You Talk)

*Habit 6:  Synergize (Together is Better)

*Habit 7:  Sharpen The Saw (Balance Feels Best)