Dr. Sharal Addison


2nd Grade 2017-2018






Happy New Year!

Welcome to January of 2018. As we prepare to soar through the second semester, please encourage your child to get plenty of rest, to be prompt and prepared. The excitement continues as we meet expectations, routines, and procedures. Please remind them to give their best daily, read diligently daily to meet their AR goals and increase their STAR scores.  Please feel free to contact me at the above email address or call 239-995-2258 at any time. I do appreciate all of your support as we increase our knowledge and understanding of 2nd grade concepts!


AR Expectation 1/19: 21%


***As previously stated, students have individual chrome books in the classroom. We still need do not have access to headphones/earphones for each individual student. We're asking parents to provide a pair of inexpensive headphones/earphones for your child. They may be left at school in their cubby in a ziplock bag for their convenience. As always, thanks for your support and for visiting our classroom website!***