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Welcome!  All of our K-5 students will visit the computer lab on a 6-day rotation schedule. Every grade level will be focusing on three main objectives during the school year...Internet Safety/Skills, Keyboarding Skills, and Computer Programming (Coding). In addition, each grade level will have various technology objectives throughout the year. To see the specific Technology Standards, please click on the NETS Standards link on the left. 


I use a social bookmarking website to provide easy student access to educational websites and resources. From this site, they can link to keyboarding games, mouse activities, search engines, internet safety videos and much, much more! Your child is very familiar with 2Clicks--have them show you what it is all about! To explore this website, please click on the 2Clicks link on the left.


If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact me at I look forward to working with your child this year!



Tamara Simms :) 



In accordance with Lee County School District Vision 2020 Goal, a Parent Survey has been developed. The survey is designed to elicit feedback regarding the level of engagement parents have with their child’s education and their perceptions of the level of customer service they receive from their child’s school. Please take a few minutes to review the survey. Your cooperation is most appreciated. You may view the survey via this link: