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We will be working hard everyday. On this website you will find information on what we are up to in the classroom. Please check back often for updates. Please note, checkpoint dates provided are approximate.





ELA: Reading & Language Arts:   

Concept Assessment to take place on: Sept 15, 2017 (includes all comprehension concepts to date)

Comprehension Checkpoint on September 7, 2017 (Key ideas and details, sequence)

Grammar checkpoint on Sept 15, 2017 



Reading skills: *Ask and Answer Questions  *Key ideas and details *Time and sequence   *Cause and effect

Grammar skills:  Types of verbs (action, linking, main, helping)

Writing: Informative




Vocabulary words:    (Content related)       







Math:  Addition and Subtraction within 1000

Topic:   Rounding and Estimation



*Rounding to the nearest ten

*Rounding to the nearest hundred

*Using estimation to solve 3 digit addition 

*Using estimation to solve 3 digit subtraction (Including across zeros)




Topic: Life Science



*How do plants live and grow?


*Parts of a plant

*How plants respond to the environment

*Groups of plants


Social Studies:


Topic: Government


*Constitution Day

*Levels of Government (local, state, federal)

*Branches of Government






Students will be assigned homework Monday through Thursday. This homework will include a math assignment nightly. We will also have assignments that help us focus on the skills we are learning in school. Homework is generally focused on helping to sharpen what we have been learning. Spelling words are provided and the class will have one or two assignments on these words each week. This will generally be the night before the test. It will be the student's responsibility to study those words on their own throughout the week. I believe that homework should focus more on reading skills; such as cause and effect, character traits, literacy elements ect; that will allow your child to become a stronger reader. Students that independantly complete extra spelling practice throughout the week will be rewarded for their extra efforts!


Reading independantly is assigned nightly, and additional assignments to go along with our reading skills may be assigned once a week. These additional  assignments will be completed with a book of the student's choosing. Independant reading goals are given to students based on their ability level. Independant reading s vital to your child's success. Meeting this goal is part of the class requirements to meet the 100% Homework completion award.



Please check your child's planner nightly (even on Fridays). This is where you will find information about what we are learning in the classroom. It is also where I will add any additional needed communication.




Please feel free to email me anytime at barbaraAto@leeschools.net



12 Most Powerful Words



trace - List events or steps in order


analyze - look at it closely, break apart.


infer - read between the lines.


evaluate - to examine or to judge.


formulate - put it together, create


describe - tell all about it


support - back up with details and facts


explain - tell how to do something


summarize - to put it in your own words


compare - How are they alike?


contrast - How are they different?


predict - What will happen next?