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 Hello all!


Well, summer is here. We had a great year last year and I want to congratulate all of the 5th Graders on their hard work and mindset. Your efforts will be evident when you start middle school next year.


I have immensely enjoyed my time at Tortuga Preserve Elementary. The work ethic, communication, friendliness, and community involvement were very welcoming. I have many great memories with all of you. My most poignant moment was the caring way in which we were involved during the hurricane recovery. Going out into neighborhoods and serving hot meals and checking on our families was a very rewarding experience for me. When I came back to work, I was pleasantly surprised to find a letter from a family who used my classroom during the sheltering and recovery.


I am happy and sad to announce I am moving to Asheville, NC this summer. I will miss the friendly faces and all of the 4th Graders who were eager to be in my class next year.

However, my family and I have wanted to move to Asheville for a few years, and we are blessed to have the opportunity this summer.



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