Classroom Information 



Bell-Schedule Grades 6-8


 A DAY               Time                   B DAY      

Period 1         7:55-9:03            Period 2

Period 3         9:05-10:13          Period 4

Period 5         10:15-11:23        Period 6

Period 7         11:25-1:01          Period 8

1st Lunch      11:27-11:52        1st Lunch

2nd Lunch     12:31-12:56        2nd Lunch

Period 9         1:03-2:106          Period 10


I will try to update this webpage with important information as much as possible.
Here are some quick pointers.

  • Daily check your child's planner to be sure your child is writing in it and to find out if they have homework.
  • FOCUS will be a valueable tool for you to keep up with your child's assignements.
  • Google Classroom is what many of the teachers will use to post assignements and information for your child on their Chromebook. 

If you need something or have a question, most middle school students do not remember to ask their teachers or if they do it is the wrong teacher. Send the teacher an email we appreciate any and all communication from parents.  
We look forward to working with each of you. 


Thank you, 

Noel Hercek

Learning Lab