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Monday, September 5, 2016


Bedtime Math is a great site that can truly improve your child's math scores!  Please give it a try.


I like the Today's Fun math tab!


Here are some fun resources for reading practice:




My goal is to update this website with important tips to help your children become successful members of our Pelican community.  You are always welcome to contact me via email at

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Mrs. Brownell


I grew up in the northeastern part of the United States but have spent much time living and visiting different parts of our great country.  I always wanted to be a teacher; it is my dream job! Married with grown children, my husband and I have 6 cats (mostly siamese) and used to rescue guinea pigs. For almost 8 years, we had a house rabbit that lived among the cats as just "one of the boys."

I collect Disney pins and love taking day trips to collect or trade them in Orlando! I recently began taking ukulele lessons but please don't ask me to play for anyone yet; it's for fun!