One quarter behind us!

After an atypical and disjointed start, we are underway in the second quarter. I want to thank the students, the majority of individuals, that worked so hard to rectify a quick drop in grades and rebound after we submitted work from before Hurricane Irma.


By now, most of you have learned that the way to succeed is staying on top of assignments as they are given. It is much harder to catch up after grades are submitted and new assignments are added. This is true of all your classes. In ELA, as an aid to you, I am committing to have your work detailed in Google Classroom by date so there is never a question as to what is due or when, even if you are absent.


We have a new unit topic: the horror genre! I an excited to learn this material as it is just in time for Halloween and many of you have a natural interest in the subject! Remember the pace will be increaasing and the work will become a bit more difficult.


I'm looking forward to a great quarter. Let's keep focused on our goals: high school, college, and graduation!


Mr. Bedard