Welcome to the wonderful world of professional Barbering

      $30.00 Lab Fee

      Additional Fees Apply as you Advance in the Program
      Black Lab Jacket ( you may rent a jacket for $5.00 )

      Loose Leaf Paper

      Black or Blue Ink Pen



The Barber program at IPCC falls under the Micro-Enterprise path way in the jump start career diploma track. Micro-Enterprise is a state credential that students will earn during the first semester in Barbering.


The objective of the Micro-Enterprise credential is to provide Louisiana students with the fundamental skills and knowledge they need to be effective small business employees and

(one day) small business owners / entrepreneurs.


Students will:

1. Master critical workplace behaviors and communication skills.

2. Learn how to access credit, and what different types of credit cost.

3. Learn how to process critical small business forms and paperwork.

4. Learn essential financial concepts and terms, "the language of business"




In Barbering I, you will learn the basics of the Hairstyling industry. The Barbering department at Iberia Parish Career Center is a state accredited program of the Louisiana State Barber Board. Students who attend this program will accumulate credit hours towards the 1,500 hours needed to earn a Barbers license. Students who continue in this program for several semesters could earn enough hours to complete the curriculum while still attending high school. What a wonderful opportunity for high school students. In several semesters we can have students ready to take the state barbers exam and be eligible  to work in a salon. It is great to go into local hair salons and see our students in the work force right out of high school.   

The Hands on skills that you will learn in Barbering I are: braiding, Hand and Arm Massage, roller setting, fancy prom or wedding hairstyles, shampoo, blow drying, and style using thermal Irons, and much more as you advance in the program.