Hi! My name is Colleen Morrison and this is my eighteenth year working in the district. I started my LDT-C career at Bear Tavern (2000-2006) and then I worked at Stony Brook for four years. I worked at Hopewell Elementary for seven years. This year I am split between Toll Gate and the high school. Prior to coming to Hopewell Valley, I taught special education for eight years and general education third grade for two years. I have the title of Nationally Certified Educational Diagnostician. I am part of the child study team along with a school psychologist and school social worker.


Some of my responsibilities include:

  • assessing and analyzing student data
  • having knowledge of students’ learning differences as well as other types of disabilities such as autism, emotional disturbances, auditory and visual impairments, ADHD, physical disabilities (i.e.cerebral palsy), Down Syndrome, etc.
  • conducting educational evaluations using standardized data, writing a follow-up report, and determining whether or not a child is eligible for special education in conjunction with the school psychologist and school social worker
  • understanding and implementing the special education law
  •  developing student IEPs and ensuring proper delivery of the individualized programs as the students’ case manager
  • consulting and collaborating with teachers, specialists, and the school counselor on specific and instructional techniques and accommodations/modifications for both academics and social/emotional success
  • observing students in both special education and general education settings
  • attending Intervention & Referral Services meetings and providing suggestions
  • communicating with and providing support and guidance to parents, teachers and administrators



 Please feel free to contact me. Have a wonderful day!