Dear Parents, Caregivers and Students,


Welcome to the 2015/2016 school year! I hope everyone enjoyed the summer.  This year, I will be working at Hopewell Elementary School with students from preschool through 5th grade as well as seeing students at Stonybrook Elementary.  


Occupational therapy for elementary-age children concentrates on skills (and the foundational skills needed for those skills) required to most successfully benefit from the academic experience.  This includes; self-help skills

(such as manipulating dressing fasteners, tying shoes), visual-motor skills (coordinating eye-hand movements to draw or print), visual-perceptual skills (making sense of what is seen, such as picking out relevant stimuli from a "busy" background),  bilateral skills (the ability to use both hands together in a coordinated manner), and sensory motor skills (developing strategies to help students maintain optimal attention and focus). As a "related service" the occupational therapist works in a collaborative manner with the student, teachers, paraprofessionals and parents to insure optimal carryover of skills for increased independence in the school-based setting.


Please feel free to contact me at :  or 609-737-4000 #7205


I'm very much looking forward to a wonderful year with the kids!

Kim Black OTR/L