Goblins, Wizzards, and Ghosts, Oh My!


October in First Grade...


In Fundations we will be reviewing tapping out words and introducing trick words.  I will send home a packet of information for each unit.  We will be doing unit 2 and 3 in October.  Inside the packet will have suggestions on activities you can do to help your child.  


Our unit of study in readers workshop is applying print strategies to understand just-right books.  We will learn how to become word detectives to help us figure out tricky words.  We will learn many strategies including:


Stretch Snake - slowly stretching each letter sound to make a word

Skippy Frog - skipping a tricky word, reading to the end, and then going back to try it again

Eagle Eye - looking at the picture

Chunky Monkey - breaking the word into chunks

Flippy Dolphin - flipping the short vowel to a long vowel

Lips the Fish - getting our mouth ready to say the beginning sound

Tryin' Lion - trying to re-read the sentence

Careful Caterpillar - carefully reading the whole word, thinking about all the parts, and what makes sense


In writers workshop we will be writing letters with audience in mind to share news, request information, and express ideas.  We will be writing MANY letters.  At the end of our unit, we will choose a letter to mail out.  We will address the envelope, put on a stamp, and send the letter through the mail.


Fire Safety week is in October so we will be learning how to prevent fires and what to do if we come across one.  Make sure to practice fire drills at home and where to go in case of an emergency.



Important dates:


Tuesday October 31st - Halloween Parade and Celebration

                                       9:00 parade begins, party will follow afterwards in our classroom



Special Schedule: 

Monday - Physical Education 2:30-3:30

Tuesday - Music/Spanish 1:30-2:30

Wednesday - Music/Spanish 2:30-3:30

Thursday - Art 2:30-3:30

Friday - Media 1:30-2:30




 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at: breannecislak@hvrsd.org.




Breanne Cislak (Scullin)

First Grade Teacher

Bear Tavern Elementary School