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 If you wish to place an order for books for your child, you can click on the site to the Scholastic Club:




 * REMINDER:  LIBRARY DAY IS THURSDAY!  (I tell your child to keep their books in their backpacks if not too heavy so they will be reminded to hand them in each week.)



 Thank  you all for helping to make our Thanksgiving Celebration such a success.  Everyone enjoyed the morning, and without your help, we could never have pulled this off!



Fundations:  We worked on the letters: m, n, t, b, f, i, u, a, g, e, r, p, j and this week, l, h, and k.  

It is also helpful if you practice consistently with words that begin with their sounds.  

Phonological Awareness:  We have been practicing:  rhyming words, sounds that begin words, sounds that end words, breaking apart words (ie:  compound words:  foot...ball), syllables.  

Writing:  We will be moving towards our next writing unit of Narratives.  As you can see, all of your child's hard work is beginning to show.  Thank you for your continued support.  


In reading, we continue to learn how to read independently by staying focused and build on our stamina for reading.  They are also learning how to use picture clues, with books already read in class to "read" to a partner. We are also working on identifying characters, the setting, and the main idea (usually a problem) in the story.  Hopefully, your child read you the pattern books sent home.  They are to use their picture strategies to identify words other than their sight words.  

We have been practicing identifying color words, rhyming words, as well as numbers one through five.  I have begun to introduce "sight words", since they are seen regularly though books:  

I, like, see, the, a, in, on, is, and this week:  can, to, you, it.

If you are reading simple books, begin to see if they can find those words.  




Dec. 7th:  Wear BT shirt (Den Groups)


.  November 27:  Holiday Shopping 


"A Tradition" (We  have talked about traditions in class.  This is a tough concept for some.  It would be helpful to your child to assist them with a tradition when it is their time to share.)

Tuesday, November 28th:  Cora, Grace

Wednesday, November 29th:  Albert, Jackson

Thursday, November 30th:  James, Seb






Just a few kind reminders to help make our class flow smoothly:

*Please remember to put your child's first and last name, the date, and my name, on any notes that come to school. 

*Separate your child's snack, with their name, from their lunch.  (I place the snacks in a separate container so it is quicker to access their snacks.)

*Please check their folder every day and empty the side "keep at home".


Thank you again for all of your help!!!!


Here's is the class video that I showed at Back to School night:







Here is a list of this year's "specials":

Monday:          Art

Tuesday:         Music/PE  (Be sure to wear sneakers!)

Wednesday:    Social Skills/Spanish

Thursday:       Media

Friday:            PE/Music  (Be sure to wear sneakers!)


As always, thank you for your support!  





**Don’t forget to scroll down for the school supply list for kindergarten!


Supply List


  • 1 box of Crayola colored pencils (traditional not twistable)

  • Fiskars “Blunt Tip” Scissors

  • 1 box of Crayola twistable crayons

  • 4 glue sticks

  • 2 dry erase, low-odor fine tip black markers

  • 1-two pocket see through plastic folder (pockets located at the bottom of the folder…please)

  • 1 box of gallon size Ziploc bags

  • 1 container of Wet Ones or bottle of sanitizer

  • Headphones in a labeled Ziplock bag to use in computer lab and with iPads. (You can find them at the Dollar Store.)  Please no ear buds.









When we learn new letters, it is helpful for you to practice with them as much as possible.  

(Ie:  Name something that begins with the letter "b", or what letter does the word "boy" begin with?  What letter does the sound /b/ make?)

In addition to these new letters, we will be practicing the proper way to hold their pencil and use the lines to guide them properly in writing these letters.  At this point, they will only be writing lower case letters, EXCEPT for the first letter in their name.

 *Please encourage your child to use an uppercase letter for the first letter ONLY and then lower case for the remainer of their name.  


All library books are due back on their library day, so they can check out a new one!  (The schedule will be coming out soon.)


P.S. For safety reasons, if you are picking up your child at the end of the day, you will need to enter the main entrance so you can be checked in.  The other front door will be locked.