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If you wish to place an order for books for your child, you can click on the site to the Scholastic Club: 


Happy Mother's Day!

We hope you enjoyed the gifts that your child has worked so hard to prepare for you.

They also created Mother's Day cards for a nursing home and the reaction of the residents was priceless.  


Whether we met or not during conferences, you have hopefully received the folder with summer ideas to work with your children and to continue the progress they have made this year.  It is important that they continue to read to or with you so there will be no summer slip. The booklet enclosed is an example of the end of year benchmark for kindergarten.

Practicing math skills such as simple counting (2's, 5's, 10's) and addition and subtraction as well, in fun and creative ways, will also help to prep them for next year.


We continue our share of your children reading to the class.

 WEEK OF  May 15th:






Have a great week. 




We are making connections to different parts of our country as Stanley travels, and we are talking about how "where you live, affects how you live".  


FROM New Jersey to:

Marco Island, Florida, Millbrook, New York, Great Falls, Montana, Salt Lake City, Utah, the Grand Tetons of Wyoming, Michigan (with Lake Michigan in the background), Minnesota, then finally he arrived in Alaska and took a ride on a Medical Helicopter over the beautiful mountains of Alaska!  Then off he went to Washington State.  Ted has landed on in Amarillo, Texas!

What incredible photos we have of our beautiful country!


Grandpop Burd has now conquered Maryland.  He and Ted are currently on a trail in West Virginia.  We are waiting on picture updates.


All of these activities are helping us learn about the United States as well as maps and globes.






It is so important that you are reading to and with your child as well as helping them to practice their sight words, (sounds and letters if you notice they are still struggling).    This sets up a great model and shows them the importance of reading, listening, and comprehending what they are hearing.


We continue to practicing adding and subtracting.  We not only use number sentences, but we use number stories as well.  This helps them to focus on the question and figure out what is being asked.




 Mrs. Langille (William's mom) found a summer camp that is for those who are fans of science:


FYI:  If your child is out because they are sick, missed work will be collected for them.  They can make up the work when they return.  (I always tell them that it does not have to be completed right away.  I don't want to overwhelm them when they return from sick days.)


However, as a heads up, our district policy states that if your child is out due to a trip or vacation, teachers are not required, or encouraged, to provide work ahead of time.  (Often times, we are not even sure at what point we will be with the other students, making it more difficult for us to gather their work.)


The best thing you can do for your child is to read to them and have them read to you daily.  Then have them write about the book:  their favorite part of the book, retell the book from beginning, middle end, etc.  Continuing their reading and writing are key to their success.  (The missed work will be provided upon their return.)



When we learn new letters, it is helpful for you to practice with them as much as possible.  

(Ie:  Name something that begins with the letter "b", or what letter does the word "boy" begin with?  What letter does the sound /b/ make?)

In addition to these new letters, we will be practicing the proper way to hold their pencil and use the lines to guide them properly in writing these letters.  At this point, they will only be writing lower case letters, EXCEPT for the first letter in their name.

 *Please encourage your child to use an uppercase letter for the first letter ONLY and then lower case for the remainer of their name.  


All library books are due back on Fridays so they can check out a new one!


P.S. For safety reasons, if you are picking up your child at the end of the day, you will need to enter the main entrance so you can be checked in.  The other front door will be locked.  



Below, please see our daily "Specials" schedule:


Monday:      Physical Education (please be sure your child wears sneakers)


Tuesday:     Spanish/Social Skills


Wednesday:  Music


Thursday:    Art


Friday:         Library



For kindergarten, this is what you will need:

--a backpack (without wheels)

--2 healthy snacks and a drink

--your lunch

--your school supplies (see list below)

--wear your blue "bear" nametag that you will receive at orientation


Supply list (*we will share as a class)

*1 box of Crayola colored pencils

*1 box of Crayola twistable crayons

*A box of glue sticks (we will need to replace throughout the year)

*1 container of Wet Ones

2 dry erase fine tip markers

1-two pocket plastic folder (with pockets located at the bottom of the folder)

1 pair of Fiskar scissors

Headphones in a labeled ziplock bag to use with classroom Ipads.  (You can find them at the dollar store.)  Please no ear buds!