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Hello! My Name is Mrs. Pokrywka (formerly Miss Vezinho) and I teach physical education at Slaybaugh Primary and Elementary!

 Instagram: @slaybaughphysed


Please become familiar with your child's gym days. They must wear SNEAKERS and comfortable clothing on those days. Please no jewelry.

If your child is not feeling well and you don't want them to participate, please send a note in with your child that day.



Culmone: Monday/Thursday

Ebert: Tuesday/Friday

Kaenzig: Wednesday/Friday



Foster: Monday

Webster: Monday

Stuhltrager: Tuesday

Sheeran: Tuesday/Thursday

Sansom- Tuesday

Flaherty- Wednesday

Buganski: Wednesday

Russnak- Wednesday

Widas: Thursday

Swigert- Thursday

Nale: Friday

Colquhoun- Friday



Try to incorperate a healthy lifestyle in your home. Make fitness a good habit! Encourage your children to eat healthy. Take walks with your children after dinner or go for a bike ride! There are so many ways to incorperate healthy living in your daily lives. Together we can make fitness fun!




Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions or concerns! My email is


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