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My name is Dr. Lisa Rose Johnson. I will be your child's English as a

Second Language teacher. I am also trained to work with students with

disabilities as well. You find our homework page as well as useful links.

If you have any questions please contact me via email or telephone. I look forward to speaking with you soon!





ESL Syllabus




Who is your teacher?

Dr. Lisa Rose Johnson Ed.D


How do I contact her?

Phone Number: 609-383-3366 extension 2453




Personal meetings will be by appointment.


Classroom Rules

1. No cell phone or device!

2. No chewing gum!


3. Be prepared bring your materials to class!

4. Do your own work and cite your sources!

5.  Keep feet, hands and objects to self!


6. Raise your hand when you need help! 


Raise your hand and tell me when you do not understand.


What is this course about?

This course is for English Language Learners.

You will be learning reading, writing, listening,

speaking, and viewing literacy. Students are

placed in ESL classes based on test scores on

the WAPT and WIDA ACCESS for ELLs. New

students are assessed for placement using the

WAPT exam. Continuing students are assessed

using the WIDA ACCESS for ELLs and others

forms of curriculum based measures.



How will my English improve and how do I

exit ESL?

Students will complete assignments targeted to

improve English Language Proficiency while

working towards meeting New Jersey Core

Curriculum Content Standards NJCCCS and the

WIDA standards.


What is your teacher’s job?

Ms. Johnson will guide you the student in your

journey to understanding English and preparing

you to be effective citizens for the 21st century.


Items You Need to Provide for Class

1. pencils/pens

2. erasers

3. Binder with dividers


What is your job as the student?

You will be responsible to:

1.Try your best.

2.Come to class ready to work and participate.

3.Come to class on time.

4.Come to class prepared with paper, pencil,

books, and any questions you may have.

5.Complete all assignments on time and


6.Respect yourself, your classmates, your

teacher, and your school.


How are the grades broken down?

Tests and Quizzes - 70%

Given with notice and will be discussed prior to





Classwork is work that is completed in class.

Quizzes may be given with or without notice.

If you the student do not understand what is

happening in the class it is your responsibility to

ask questions.Journal assignments include writing

assignments that take place in a special

notebook and will be edited in class or for




Projects along with expectations will be

discussed when the project is assigned.

Time will be given during school to complete,

but most of the work will be needed to be

completed on your own time outside of the ESL room.



Homework is typically a follow up from the

previous day. Homework must be turned in on

time for credit as the answers are always given

in class the following day.


Agenda Book 

Students will be graded for their ability to keep

a calendar and write daily assignment


Class Participation/Preparedness 

Students need to come to class prepared to do

work or they will lose points off their grade.


Quarterly Test

Every student is assessed on the performance of

completing grade level only students enrolled in

ESL I (Newcomer/ Port of Entry students) will

take the assessments but the 10% does not count

to their grade other forms of assessments will be

used for the 10% made up by the quarterly test.