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 Welcome to the 2020-21School Ye

Good Morning students,
As you may have figured out already on your own, Google Suite is down right now.  The district has informed us that we should continue to reload the page every ten minutes in hope that it comes back up.  Please continue to try and log in.
Mr. H. 
Dear Parents,
This year in ELL your student(s) will be focussing on the following categories of English language acquisition.
  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing

We will spend time working on each category every day and will work to improve oral fluency as well as literacy through practice with...

  • Vocabulary development
  • Grammar practice
  • Essay writing
  • and Reading assignments.


Your student will be required a attend class virtually at their scheduled class meeting time every day. They must come prepared with their previous day's assignments complete, and show up ready to learn every day to receive credit for the day.



Google Classroom class codes:  


6th gbk4xy2


7th tpbshsy


 8th tweyzl6


Tutorial  fhtcjsc






Quizlet study sets


Search for Mrhesl.


Find your assigned study set.


 Google Classroom




Useful websites:


The link below has a ton of great resources for ELL students and parents!  Please take a look!

Egg Harbor Township Schools Every Student Succeeds links. (We use this frequently in class.  Information about how to use the site and how to sign your child up for a user name and password will be sent home shortly.)  Google translate:  This site is helpful for translating to any number of languages.  The translations are NOT PERFECT and should not be used for homework writing assignments.