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About Us

The Nest is Egg Harbor Township's premier location for your official Fightin' Eagle gear.  Located in EHTHS, The Nest is a school store for students; run by students.  Every student enrolled in the course becomes an integral part of a cooperative that aims to provide staff and students with a central location, or "hub", where school spirit and community pride are celebrated.          

Enrolled students pursue coursework that accentuates the importance of five critical proficiencies in every profession:  Leadership, Responsibility, Problem-Solving, Collaboration and Communication. Throughout the year, students are expected to increasingly demonstrate those skills as they are promoted through three stages:  Entry Level, Managerial, and Ownership.  

At the Entry Level stage, students manage the cash station, manipulate inventory, restock shelves, organize storage space, price, and participate in group decisions pertaining to the esthetics of the store, inventory to be ordered, and the development of employee guidelines or rules for the workplace.

At the Managerial stage, students begin to break into specialty areas such as Merchandising, Pricing, Design, Supervisory, Advertising, and Maintenance.  

In the Ownership phase, students catch the entrepreneurial spirit. At this stage, students keep accounting books, make critical decisions as buyers, and become responsible for maximizing profits while holding true to the traditions and values of the Egg Harbor Township School District. 

We urge you to stop in and check us out @ The Nest. For more information, contact us at (609) 653-8804 Monday-Friday 7:30am - 2:00pm or view our online store at TheNest@EHTHS.  Hope to see you there!