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Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!! 


I hope you all are as excited as I am for this year to get going and to find our groove. My classes all meet in room F-201(when we go back). My room is located upstairs from the front office/main office. This is a very convienient locationg for my freshmen, as F-201 is in the middle of the freshmen wing of the building. As for my senior MSA students, it is a little bit of a labor of love to cross the entire building to come to a class in the freshmen wing of the building. 


With such a great location for our classroom(when we go back), we will be able to utilize all of the schools resources to deepen our knowledge. The library is less than a minute away, as are the nurses office, the auditorium, the lunchroom, and the main office. When in school,  there are a multitude of options for the restroom for everybody in class, both upstairs and downstairs. 




During COVID 19 distance learning I will do my very best to provide the same education to your children as they would receive while in school. With the utilization of google classroom, google meet, and google drive, I believe the students will be able to excel during distance learning and build the foundation for them to make great transitions back INTO the classroom. 


For now, we will set weekly goals, and do our best to keep the learning upbeat, interactive, and engaging. If any student is struggling at any time with any aspect of the class, please utilize the extra focus time built into our collective schedule. It is there for a reason, so use it! 


Make sure to check under the subject section of my website to find each classes specific google classroom code, which also will give you access to the google meet permanent links. 


My best points of contact are:

609-653-0100 ext 6612 (classroom)