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*** Please Note: Homework assignments are not optional. Please contact me if you have a valid reason for not completing assignments. ***


Please use the correct code below to enroll in my Google Classroom:



Code Homeroom Teacher Name of my Google Classroom
ezg5m6x Straup Computers - Straup - Kindergarten
q3bx3v2 Lucia Computers - Lucia - Kindergarten
bqa2vvh McCreesh Computers - McCreesh - Kindergarten
umrkoig Collins Computers - Collins - Kindergarten
vdg2eyl Schwegman Computers - Schwegman - Kindergarten
2ly6ci4 Cortellessa Computers - Cortellessa - Kindergarten
eazhzo3 Mortara Computers - Mortara - Kindergarten 
3f5lmus Newhall Computers - Newhall - Kindergarten 
yp43ssv Lee Computers - Lee - Kindergarten
ua7nmax Sepulveda Computers - Sepulveda - Kindergarten 
6grckyq King Computers - King - 1st Grade 
s4yyxne Willson Computers - Willson - 1st Grade 
rryd2vl Speigel Computers - Speigel - 1st Grade 
zieifpw Ogborn Computers - Ogborn - 1st Grade 
6nah25z Robertson  Computers - Robertson - 1st Grade
f22pgpo Zaccagnino  Computers - Zaccagnino - 2nd Grade
5mkwc7j Biel Computers - Biel - 2nd Grade 
ej6qqjr DelPrete Computers - DelPrete - 2nd Grade 
u6ydb3m Walton Computers - Walton - 2nd Grade 
k4jg3hi Simpson Computers - Simpson - 2nd Grade 
retc6zg McGowan Computers - McGowan - 3rd Grade 
tfdekm3 Grimes  Computers - Grimes - 3rd Grade
56oeizr Barr Computers - Barr - 3rd Grade 
dkbpfsn Cochrane  Computers - Cochrane - 3rd Grade
ig5woip Smith Computers - Smith - 3rd Grade 


In addition to attending the live Google Meet, your child will have an assignment to complete at home with a scheduled due date. The assignment is expected to be completed to the best of their ability and turned in on time. I will have a recorded video available for each assignment that can be viewed at any time that explains the steps for the assignment. Your child will need access to either a desktop computer, laptop, or chromebook to complete assignments. Keyboardless devices like phones and tablets will not work for assignments but may be used for the live Google Meets.


Please keep all needed communication with me contained within my Google Classroom through the “Private Comment” feature within a student’s assigned work. You may also email me directly but please mention your child’s name and their regular classroom teacher’s name so I know what class they belong to. My email is DILKSJE@EHT.K12.NJ.US


Thank you and I look forward to a wonderful school year!


*** Please Note: Homework assignments are not optional. Please contact me if you have a valid reason for not completing assignments. ***


















Height Chart


Airplane Video


Scratch First Grade


Scratch Second & Third Grade


Star Wars


Flappy Bird




Compound Words


PARCC Practice



High Tide / Low Tide



Longest Living Animals



Animal Groups


Safari Animals


Average High Temperatures


Heaviest Animals


PARCC Training


Mr. Dilks (Computer and Technology Integration Teacher) 




Please feel free to contact me. My voicemail number is
609-927-4141 ext. 1197


my email is: