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Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year!  On this page as well as on both the individual CP and Advanced Bio pages, you will find the google classroom codes and links for each class as well as the google meet code that will be used for each class throughout our virtual learning experience.  I have put a link to the virtual schedule in yellow bellow and each class is color coded.  In each class page, I will put the times for our daily class as well as when I will be accessible for extra help or questions.  I will also place plans for the week and assignments and dude dates on each page!


virtual schedule  


CP Biology

Purple Class (section 5034-22)  - google classroom code = 5u675cj

Google Classroom Link=


Google Meet Code =



Blue Class (section 5034-108) - google classroom code = gjmeepb

Google Classroom Link=


Google Meet code for the blue class =


Advanced Biology

Pink Class (section 5033-64) - google classroom code = kr2qovl

Google Classroom Link =


Google Meet code =



Green Class (section 5034-86) - google classroom code = pi57yna


 Google Meet code for the green class =