This year I will work with 6th grade teachers from both the Burgundy and Orange Pods for student technology integration in their subject areas.


Our technology department goals include:

  • Expanding on technology applications, including the use of Google
  • Improving students' digital literacy with a focus on digital citizenship


A valuable student/parent/teacher resource for digital literacy is CommonSenseMedia.Org 

Students are using Google for various technology-integrated lessons in all their subject areas.  

Please make sure the student has returned their parent/guardian signed permission slip in order to use their Google accounts.


All 6th grade students will set up a Computer Portfolio in Google Docs.  This is a digital portfolio where students can keep track of their skills and various academic account information.  Students are encouraged to update their portfolios and insert links to documents and sites throughout the school year.


Students working on research reports can access the MLA Citation link on the left for proper citation format.


Students will use various keyboarding sites as time allows.


Please email me using the link provided above if you have any questions throughout the year.

You can also contact me at 383-3355, extension 5345.