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HOLA!!!! Please know that this is currently in a state of "construction" but should have the info you need to get established for our first week or two :)

Below, I have updated our google classroom codes for the 20-21 year as of 9/3/2020. Please join! 


All information will be on Google Classroom where students will receive and hand out work. If you would also like to join as a parent (encouraged!), here are the codes! 


EAGLE ACADAMY:  orjtcxn join!

CP SPANISH 2 (periods 5 & 8)- unfs23e join !

CP SPANISH 3 - fbkkz2i  join




Homeroom: Check email, check google classroom notifications



Eagle Academy Period 1


Eagle Academy Period 2 



Period 5 CP Spanish 2


Period 6 PLC (No Class)


Period 7 CP Spanish 3


Period 8 CP Spanish 2


Student Break/Lunch


Bienvenidos a la página web de la Señora Joline-Aubrey!

¡Hola! I teach Spanish I at Eagle Academy Alternative School in the mornings, and College Prep Spanish II & III at Egg Harbor Township High School in the afternoon.  Please use this webpage and Google Classroom as a resource for all your needs to be successful in your Spanish class. Homework will be posted in Classroom and the rules and procedures for our class will be accessible here. Any questions? You can always email me at the address above!

We are using GOOGLE CLASSROOM  for our class communication! 

This will provide access for students to receive HW or project assignments, announcements, and useful resources they will need. Students are required to be part of the Classroom. They will receive their entry codes in the first few days of school and be expected to join and continually check the site/app throughout the year. 


   Our class rules, grading procedures, and expectations, spelled out are below:


         CP 2 RULES 2018-19.docx     


         CP3 Syllabus 2018-19.docx   


Grading Breakdown:
70% Assessments
30% Assignments (Classwork, homework, projects, etc)

Within each of those categories will be a designated amount of points increased by each task. I use the total points system described in the attachment above to determine the grade in each category. 



Here are some resources you will need to review to be prepared for this class, or to help you practice.

Diccionario Español


Práctica en la Red (Quí

Más Práctica en la Red (


AR/ER/IR present tense verb practice:


Pearson: Actividades Español 2

Pearson: Actividades Español 3