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Science League Introduction letter can be found on google Classroom.

First meeting is December 5th and the Google Classroom code is: 53ouxe



Science 2.0 information 


Here's the calendar of assignments for Science 2.0 (you can ask your child or email me to find out which class they are in

Science 2.0 Class 125A             Science 2.0 Class 247C


Second Marking period information can be found here.


Students have access to more information on Google Classroom.



Medical Science Academy information


Here's a 1 minute video about the academy: MSA.mp4 

Here's a longer video about the MSA with student interviews:


The Medical Science Academy HN Biology summer work can be found here.


The summer work for Medical Science Academy HN Chemistry is found on Google Classroom.


If you have a Medical Science Academy question please feel free to email:



 MSA Chemistry information!


Here's the calendar of assignments for Chemistry: MSA Chemistry Class 115A  and MSA Chemistry Class 237R


The following links will take you to my video lessons for MSA Chemistry:


Nomenclature unit videos  / nomenclature unit resources 


Equations unit videos / equations unit resources


The Mole unit videos / The Mole unit resources


Stoichiometry unit videos / Stoichiometry unit resources


Molarity unit videos / Molarity unit resources


Solubility Curve unit videos / Solubility Curve unit resources (they are in with molarity above)


Periodic Trends unit videos / Periodic Trends unit  resources


Electromagnetic spectrum (light) videos  /  Electromagnetic spectrum (light) resources


Electron Configuration and Quantum numbers videos   /   Electron Configuration and Quantum numbers resources


Bonding unit videos   / Bonding unit resources