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     CP German I  Novice Level             

     HN German II Novice High / Intermediate Low Level    

     HN German III Intermediate Level            

     AP German IV Advanced Low Level 

     Senior Independent Study in German Literature and Media Advanced Level 




Egg Harbor Township High School 


Virtual Learning Schedule


Herr Professor Guenther 







If Herr Professor Guenther is absent from school for an EMERGENCY (not a planned absence) you are to follow this plan:

Day 1 for the first day he is out,

Day 2 for the second day he is out,

Day 3 for the third day he is out.

You will be notified when / if this happens.

Please use this link to find the Emergency Absence Assignments.

All Students have a copy of the response sheet in their Google Classroom Classwork




All Assignments for German

are posted in Google Classroom!



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CP German 1 Morgens  Period 3  yi66gos


CP German 1 Nachmittags Period 7 ejtlokr


HN German 2  Morgens Period 4 w65f47x


HN German 2 Nachmittags Period 8 ropzhve


 HN German 3  Period 5 4563thx


AP German 4  Period 2 k3xrced


Independent Study in German Period 6 3bmzxuc






My AP Class from The College Board 

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Your Theme at a Glance: 

 All Themes will be compared and contrasted with the Target Culture to our personal lives in EHT / the United States.


MARCH MUSIC MADNESS: Music Videos from Germany -

Which music video will win?


CP German 1:     All Around the Town



Life in a German-speaking town compared with EHT 

   Basic German for Novice Level A1 

   Presentation: Trip to a German City 



HN German 2:    A Little Piece of History



Historical Events which infulence contemporary life:

Students against Hitler - authentic text and discussions

German for Novice High Level A1




HN German 3:  

The Novel: Die Vorstadtkrokodile



Die Vorstadtkrokodile - Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary



AP German 4: 

AP Theme 6 The Environment 


Franz Kafka - the Metamorphisis  

My AP Classroom - video guided lessons and test prep materials




Independent Study










EHTHS FLAP Grant German Video  NJ Department of Education:



Important German Documents


        AP German Syllabus.docx   


      Wilkommen in der Deutschklasse.docx 


      Call the German Teacher.docx 


       Deutsche Welle News Grid .docx 



  German History Power Point


   Deutsche Geschichte.pptx 

  Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen 


   Der Ring des Nibelungen Rheingold.pptx  



  German Grammar Helpers

  HN and AP Deutsche Verben.docx  


  HN and AP Deutsche Verben with answers.docx 



   21 blank verbs.doc  



   50 Common German Verbs.docx  



   The Top 21 German verbs.docx 



   German Conversation Helpers power of 3.docx  



   Grammar Book Markers.docx