Mr. Chini

Fernwood Avenue Middle School



All Classes headphones






Period 1:

Review Escape from Alcatraz

Review Vocab

Period 3:

Tuck Everlasting-

Vocab ch. 4-6 syn/ant

Folded Character and sequence sheet

top-4 characters-back 3 adj

bottom 4-sequence of events-back 2 sentences explaining scene



Period 6:

BHM Project-Google Classroom


Class A-The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

Ch 5-7 syn/ant

Prediction Paper

illustrate where Edmund is going?

Write: on back

Where did Edmund go? Why? What will happen next


 Class B-Tuck Everlasting

 Ch 4-6 and 7 vocab


Class C- Phantom Toolbooth

Read 9-11







 Google Classroom



*  Google Classroom Instructions:




1)  Log on to Google classroom with your email and password you have been assigned




2)  Select the assignment in Documents




3)  Make a copy (to save) the document (name it your name and the topic)




for example (Anita Vacation-Theme)




4)  Submit (click open)




5)  Click (add), the document and click (turn-in)




6)  Make a hard-copy to review in class by printing OR




bring your device to class OR handwrite







Moby Max:

username/password given in school