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Located at the High School's School Store

  Hours: 7:30 am - 2:30pm



 during school days

     Call 609-653-8804 or email [email protected]

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About Us:



     The Greenery 1 students learn the basic elements of floral design. They effectively use hands-on activities to create flower arrangements.  Students are exposed to new vocabulary and develop their communication skills.  Students learn to properly apply and use safety practices, follow directions, work independently and within small groups.



     The Greenery 2 students reinforce all of the elements learned in the first year class. Students take a leadership/managerial role in helping to assist other students.  They also take pride and show ownership with the shop and help the business operate efficiently. 


      Both curriculums enhances all subject areas, such as English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, and Business.  All students learn to apply critical thinking and leadership skills, while establishing organizational and teamwork skills.  Students will identify and demonstrate positive work behaviors and personal qualities needed to succeed in life and on the work site.  All Floriculture classes give students the opportunity to enhance vocabulary and communication skills, make independent decisions, resolve conflicts and problem solve.  Students also learn to establish and maintain effective working relationships with their classmates/co-workers.


 Both classes create a variety of fresh flowers and crafts. Students assist in creating arrangements, bouquets, roses, carnations and an array of other beautiful event and gift ideas.  The Eagle Greenery services the Egg Harbor School District, a variety of other school districts, churches,  businesses,  the community and surrounding areas.