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Here you will find information about our classroom. Email is the best way to

reach me: [email protected]



2022 - 2023 School Year - School Supplies

For all incoming students: Please have the following available. 


 - 1- 2" Binder

 - Filler paper (college ruled preferred)

 - Pencils  - enough for the year


Optional items - these are items that I have classroom sets of and will do my

best to keep clean between uses, but some may feel more comfortable

having their own sets. 


- colored pencils

- markers

- dry erase markers

- scissors

- glue sticks




Please see tabs for individual courses (updated January 2021)  


 Google Classroom codes (updated September 2022) 



Please look at your schedule on Infinite Campus and sign-up for the correct






For example, if you are in ADV CP Bio 5033-21, you would look at the last


digit in the course number (highlighted for you) to know which period you are


in. In this example, it would be period 1.  




Google Classroom Codes - for incoming 2021- 2022 Students, these will be


posted in September 2021




 CP Bio Period 1 






CP Bio Period 3 





CP Bio Period 5 






 ADV CP Bio Period 7 








About Mr. Bragg:

I graduated from Richard Stockton College with a B.S. in Biology. After graduating I worked for the NJ Endangered and Non-Game Species Program, a Department in the state Division of Fish and Wildlife. I have also worked for The NJ Pinelands Commission along with contract work for the US Fish and Wildlife Service. I am a professionally trained herpetologist- a biologist that studies reptiles and amphibians. My research has included work with Diamondback terrapins, Gray Tree Frogs, Northern Pine Snakes, plus many more.


Then, I moved on to working for the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland. I worked on the Rain Forest floor and exhibitions as a staff herpetologist. My job was to take care of all of the frogs, salamanders, turtles, crocodillians, snakes, and lizards. I also cared for a variety of insects.


As an educator, I love to bring my experiences and stories into the classroom. I work hard to make the class fun, exciting, and engaging through the use of novel games and projects. I read up on current trends in cognitive science and adolescent psychology to use in my classroom.  I am always looking for guest speakers with unique takes on biological topics.  


This is my 17th year at EHT HS and I can't wait to dive into the topics with my students!





                                           Email is the best way to reach me.

                                  Please send email to: [email protected]


Also, parents, please remember to check the Infinite Campus Parent Portal to see your child's progress in our class.  If you have trouble logging in, please contact the Guidance Department.