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 Welcome to Biology!


My name is Mrs. Cascais and I have had the pleasure of teaching at EHT high school for 14 years.  I graduated from Rutgers University with a BS in Ecological Sciences.  I am particulary fond of animal behavior and ecology, or the study of the interaction between organisms and their environment.  In biology, you will be studying not only how an organisms body functions, but you will also be delving into the world of ecology to see how the entire being interacts with other living things and its environment.  We will study how a single cell strives for survival, as well as how an entire organism will fight for its life.  We will study how your body cells work to keep you functioning and how a population of organisms will aid in each others survival.  Biology is the study of life, large and small.  In this subject, you will learn the how's and why's of life on this planet.


Everything you need for class will be posted on Google Classroom.  Check their for class information, postings, work and more!


If you are looking for Honors Biology SUMMER WORK 









[email protected] 

Please do not call is much faster and more reliable!!  I will get back to you within 24-48 hours!!


Also, parents, please remember to check the Infinite Campus Parent Portal to see your child's progress in my class.  If you have trouble logging in, please contact the Guidance Department.

 are some tidbits you may find helpful.


1. Crashcourse: Biology -- This site offers videos that are student recommended.  There are many videos, each on a topic we cover in Biology.  If you are having trouble with a particular topic, search for it here and it might just offer you the help you need to understand the idea.  There are even more videos offered on YouTube.  Also, there are videos for the other subjects, especially History!


2.  Test Taking Secrets--  Study a little bit each night!  By the end of the day, you should know what we discussed that day.  This way, by the time the test rolls around, you just have to review the topics, not cram.


3. Bozeman Science: More student recommended videos!


4. Amoeba Sisters:  They have videos for all areas of Biology.  They are greatly simplified for a good introduction and are animated and fun!


5.  Google Search:  There are videos everywhere!!  Search any topic and I garantee that you will find a plethora of videos, animations and information about any topic you may be struggling with.


6. Video LessonsThese are created by ME for the majority of the chapters we complete.  Watch them as many times as you want!