The purpose of this page is to provide information about the many activities that are happening in Mr. Puggi’s Computer Lab located in B-234. The classroom consists of 30 personal computers connected to the Egg Harbor Township School District’s Wide Area Network.


The main purpose of the technology lab is to prepare our students to be technologically literate in the 21st Century. This fact complements the school’s task at Fernwood Avenue Middle School that is to create a life-long learning environment for the students.


In light of the huge success of technology integration into the core subjects that was instituted in our building, our school has continued with this practice. Students have the opportunity to visit the lab for a four day cycle with their teacher, and with the help of the technology teacher, tech skills are incorporated into the lessons. By not learning the skills “in isolation” but by learning them as one would have a need for them in real-life, makes the skills more applicable to students.


As students participate in the various classroom activities, they will be building their technology skills in many areas that their future employers will require. Throughout 7th and 8th grades, new skills will be taught at each level to help develop the required life skills.


If you have any questions about any of the topics we are covering in class, please feel free to contact me. (Email prefered)