Diving a wreck in Bonaire

                                                                            (Scuba diving on a ship wreck in Bonaire) 


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 7th Syllabus.docx.pdf 


 8th Syllabus.docx.pdf 




All journal prompts should fill the page, have details, background, & color/shading

Minimum number of completed journal prompts for this journal check:

6th grade = 4

7th grade = 6

8th grade = 8

Journal prompt options for this grading period in case you haven't been working dilligently during daily journal prompt time and have some catching up to do:

Person with fruit for hair

Flamingo doing ballet

Shoe with something other than a foot inside

Fish swimming in something other than water

Yourself with super power

Cat playing sports

Llama surfing

Combine two animals to create a new one

Alien driving a car

Your name as an animal

Reinvent your favorite team’s logo

Moon fighting the sun over a sandwich


Sketchbooks needed as soon as possible!  

Purchase or Create using copy paper stapled or put into 3-ring binder/folder

  • Must be at least 8.5x11" (if you want to use a smaller one, you will need to complete 2 pages for each sketchbook assignments given)
  • Must have blank, unlined pages
  • May be purchased anywhere art supplies are sold (Walmart, Target, Michaels, etc.) 
  • If not purchased, may use copy paper in a folder or small binder or staple some together and create a cover page


 Color Theory Resources:


 Color schemes shown on color wheel


Color schemes/harmonies shown in art



Underwater pumpkin carving

                                                       (Underwater Pumpkin Carving event at Dive GA Quarry)